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Lesser Square, Prague

The brief to the competition was to prepare a conceptual architectural and urbanistic design for the regeneration of Lesser Town Square in the centre of Prague.

Our bidding proposal seeks to strengthen and reinforce the historical transformations that have led to this unique public space. While retaining the strong visual cues towards Charles Bridge and the Cathedral, the proposal reorganizes the area in a coherent structured process through a series of spaces which are connected through their functions in a seamless continuous transient ring. There are three distinct yet complementary parts that work together in strengthening the identity of this unique place.

Prague Lesser Square_0003

The first area, is a pedestrian square that creates an internal landscape which “fingers” inwards creating an internal area capable of hosting cultural events, crafts markets and meeting places suitable for all generations. Within this internal landscape the proposal has metaphorically re-represented a historical fountain traced within the square for centuries before, though a body of water. We have also looked into the possibility of relocating a historical city monument within this inner landscape. At the entrance an urban pergola is strategically placed to define and separate the internal square from tram square. Within this urban element, the design seeks to relocate internal services such as the newspaper kiosk, the florist as well as a designated area to host the public transport ticket machines.

Particular attention has been given to bars and restaurants as a means of supporting urban elements to tourism in creating areas of recreation. The development of their terraces having their visual axis aligned with the entrance of the church reinforces these areas as important tourist and recreational nodes. Their integration is also necessary in the overall development strategy in reducing vehicular traffic within the area.


Prague Lesser Square_0004


The proposal seeks to develop a three phase strategy in reinforcing the reapportionment of the historical square towards its entrance. The reorganisation of bus 292, together with the rearrangement of the traffic routing for cars and trams into a two way traffic system will reinforce the traffic strategy in the area with the aim of achieving a balanced urban regeneration setting serving as a stimulus for pedestrian and social movement patterns.

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